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Friday, June 13, 2014

First Week of Summer Vacation

This week is always an adjustment. The kids have to fight it out to reestablish pecking order. I needed a lot of "sewing therapy." It is usually a few minutes here and there or late at night, but it works. I finished my Vintage Modern quilt binding, worked on Hannah's Scrumptious granny square quilt, made a doll dress, and started some new things for the shop. Details on all of those things are coming, but here are some sneak peeks...

I have also needed some gardening therapy. I have been working on the flowerbeds for a few months now and they are looking soooooo much better. I am working on a big before/after landscaping post, but here is a peek...

I love to prune things, but I tend to get carried away. The other day I set out to prune one forsythia. Two truckloads and 5 bushes later, I asked my son to show me how to use the chainsaw. Even in a sundress and flip flops, that chainsaw made me want to let out a "Tim the Tool Man" grunt. It was great! But, there is not much left of my rhododendron. You see, it was overtaken by thorns. After I reached waaay into the bush with the chainsaw, I started pulling out the cut vines and branches and realized I was holding poison ivy. I had to finish what I had started (although that is very unlike me) so that I could get a cold shower, but I am still pretty itchy now. I am not giving you a peek of that.

We also got carried away when getting rid of a wooden planter turned into installing a koi pond and doubling the size of the flowerbed. The koi pond is nice and we like to hear the waterfall when our bedroom windows are open. Unfortunately, this week toads have decided that our koi pond is ideal breeding grounds. So, now we get to listen to the male toads making as much noise as possible to prove their dominance and attract a mate. We have had up to 8 toads in our little pond at night!

The younger kids haven't quite figured out what is going on, but it is causing all kinds of extra excitement around here. Fantastic. Just what I needed. My 2yo won't let them alone. She has interrupted a toad couple and stuffed them in her pockets to bring inside numerous times. She even used my good Aveeno baby sunblock on one of the toads before smearing most of the bottle all over their play table. Later that day, she even fell into the toad-fertilized koi pond and went completely under the water. It started a chain reaction with her sisters so they all were grounded from the (real) pool.

Today is Friday, though, so we are almost through the first whole week. I hope it gets better from here.

Hoppy Summer! ;)


Sewing Mom said...

Love all the sneak peeks! Very curios about the birdie applique. Enjoy summer vacation!

Carla said...

Boy do I remember those days! Mine were so bored the first couple of days until they figured things out.
Enjoy your un scheduled days

Renee said...

I'm anxious to see the projects from your sneak peeks! Your landscaping is going to look great! I put Brie on our flower beds this summer and they look so much better. A few more years and you can put your kids to work on the landscaping, if you dare. lol

Have a great summer!

Carly said...

Such pretty, pretty photos! Love the strawberries and American Girl doll feet. :)

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