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Friday, November 15, 2013

randomness again... fall, christmas preview, yummy stuff, and a new addition

ok. it is that time again. holding a sleeping baby and tapping out a little update.

the leaves are nearly gone and winter is comin' this way. the first virus of the year is makin' its rounds through our house and thankfully it is a very fast one. my son was home monday and after his quick bout he spent the day playing with his 2yo sister. he raked up a big leaf pile for her and kept her out of my hair. he is such a sweet big brother when he wants to be.

he hates his picture being online but he is so cute here i just HAD to! let's keep it our little secret. m'kay?
now my 7yo has her turn. she got sick at school so i had to pick her up, but she is "Fine! Fine! Fine!" (in her own words) so we are watching Charlie Brown Christmas. (classic. love that one.)

unfortunately, i had plans to do Christmas shopping today and now i can't. but it will give me a chance to refine the kids' lists a bit before we go. what do my kids want for Christmas? glad you asked. some of the things on their lists include: bras,a fly strip, Tractor Supply gift cards, Mommy's hair (so she can braid it and play with it), a real horse,.. it is quite a variety. i had grand plans for a few homemade gifts this year, but it never happens. ornament season usually burns me out.

speaking of ornaments, here is a little peek at what i am working on for the shop.

that is really just a tiny peek. i am super busy with ornaments.

and now for some recent pinterest check-offs:

THIS pumpkin butter. yummmmmm.... i made homemade spelt bread in the breadmaker to spread it on. delish!

the girls and i have been cooking together this week. they like to help (sometimes). last night i had hannah in the wrap and directed the girls while we whipped up some cheeseburger soup and homemade breadsticks using THIS dough recipe.  we also made the cheese sticks version last week. this dough is fantastic and easy, too.

i want to give a quick shout-out to ashley... i won a giveaway on her blog HERE and she sent me these lovely goodies! thanks so much, ashley! she has an etsy shop HERE, too.

one more announcement... we got a new cow! her name is shirley. :)

have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Sewing Mom said...

Wow, you are busy...love seeing the animals on the ornaments...too cute. Do you do hamsters? =) Kidding...I'm going simple simon on my tree this year...bought a 4 ft tree at Ollies...some bulbs and garland...and whala...I'm done. No moving furniture or anything.

Hi to Shirley...she looks quite contented chewing her cud. =)

Lovely package of goodies from Ashley...she's a sweet gal!

Well, have a great weekend!

Bethany @ 3SonsPlus1 said...

OhMyGosh, I am in looooove with the snowman bride! She is so cute! All of your ornaments are just adorable! I have a question for you, but I'll email. =)

Take a break(!)...and have a great weekend! And I hope that virus doesn't work its way through everyone- at least it's a quick one!

AGohl said...

How adorable! I love those snowmen! That pumpkin butter looks good too!!! And I am so glad you got your package! Thanks for the shout out!

Carly said...

Love the ornaments! I just got some pumpkin butter in a swap package - I have never had it before. Such a cute picture of your son and your daughter. :)

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