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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Baskets!!!

Whew. I am tired!

This year I was blessed with many Easter basket orders. I tried out some new colors and techniques to go along with my older favorites and thought it would be neat to share a little round-up of some of the ones I liked best.

After I finished up basket orders, I did manage to whip up some Easter dresses for the girls last week and I will be posting about those soon(ish). Making 5 different dresses simultaneously means that there is a mix of pics for possible tutorials that I need to sort out. Plus I changed a lot of things as I went along. I am very indecisive. ;) Anyway, stay tuned...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Quilted Heart ~ A Book Review

The blog is getting a little dusty these days. I am not really procrastinating. I am just super duper swamped with basket orders right now! I have the fresh callouses on my knuckles to prove it, too. I write a mile long to-do list every day and I never get it all checked off. Please tell me I am not the only one! One of the things on that list every. single. day. for the past few weeks has been "book review" so I am checking that off right now.

I read The Quilted Heart by Mona Hodgson and it is a little 3-in-1 novella collection. The stories are set in the reconstruction period after the Civil War. The characters in all three novellas are in the same group of friends that meets weekly for a quilting circle. The novellas each made complete stories, but had a nice flow as a collection. It was sort of like when you read the first book in a series and then have to wait months or even a year for the next one to come out, except without that awful waiting period. I loved that! :) They were each cute little romance stories, although a bit predictable. The characters were likeable and the connection of their friendship made it even better. I would recommend this collection as a nice, easy read. Apparently, it precedes a book series based on some of the characters with loose ends at the end of the novellas as some of the families head westward. Ah, so there is that terrible waiting period I mentioned earlier.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Scrap-Busting Bunnies!

When I made Grace's quiet book I pulled out my scrap bin and ripped it all apart. No matter how hard I try,  just can't seem to make it all fit back in there as neatly as before! So, I am trying to use up more scraps.

scrappy Easter bunny softie

I saw these cute little bunnies HERE a few years ago and wanted to make some. She used a pattern, but I just made my own.

scrappy Easter bunny softie

I made this bunny awhile ago (before Easter basket season started) and gave it away, but I am hoping to make one for Hannah for in her Easter basket. Of course, the rest of the girls will be jealous, so I may end up mass-producing them if I get enough time. Or, I could just not make any cute bunnies for anyone to be fair. We will see what kind of mood I am in at that point. ;)

scrappy Easter bunny softie

Either way, this was a quick, fun project and I learned some new tricks. It was my first time using the triple stitch on my sewing machine and it is supposed to be good for softies because the seams are stronger and more kid-proof.

OK... gotta' get back to making baskets...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grace's Quiet Book ~ Purse Page

Last one! I think this might be Grace's favorite page. She likes little purses and apparently she likes makeup a whole lot, too. I thought she just loved eating chapstick, but this isn't edible, so that is not the case.
Grace's Quiet Book Purse Page

Again, purse quiet book pages are pretty common. I bet you can find a bunch of them on Pinterest. I kept mine simple and in line with the "shabby chic" theme of this book with the fabrics.

Grace's Quiet Book Purse Page

Grace's Quiet Book Purse Page

The handle is just fused on the background with heat'n'bond and a satin stitch holds it down.

Grace's Quiet Book Purse Handle

The purse bottom was made out of three pieces. The front was cut and sewn onto the zipper, then the front and back were sewn right sides together and flipped through the handy zipper opening. I stitched the whole thing to the background very carefully about 1/8" from the edge.

Grace's Quiet Book Purse Page
Hmmm... I am having problems getting that pic to load on here, but hopefully you can see what I mean. In hindsight, I wish I had sewn the back with the right side facing in. Lots of "I should have done it that way" moments in this book. If you make one you can fix it, OK?

Grace's Quiet Book Purse Page

I didn't know what else to put inside the purse besides makeup. The extra flower from the flower page gets tucked inside and I have found a few small items laying around to toss in there, too. But she LOVES the pretend makeup!

Grace's Quiet Book Purse and Makeup

 The lipstick and compact are made from scraps of fabric and the little pad thingy is made of felt. Velcro on the compact would have been a nice touch. I may try to make eye shadow one day, but she insists on putting her pretend makeup on me during church and I don't want her to poke me in the eye.

Grace's Quiet Book Purse and Makeup

So, that is it! I hope you enjoyed this series and maybe found a little inspiration. If you would like to see the rest of them you can click HERE. I put them all on one handy page. 

Now, back to the Easter baskets!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pretty Baby Headbands

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

This is the most recent headband I have made- it was for my favorite bald Irish baby. ;) 

Shamrock headband

All I did was fuse a green cotton scrap from THIS dress to some green flannel, trace a shamrock on it with a Frixion pen, sew on the line, and trim 1/8" away from my stitching line. A quick press with the iron made the pen disappear- love that trick! I stitched a pink button to the middle to girly it up a little, but it still seemed plain, so I glued a little bit of green tulle behind it before glueing the whole thing to an alligator clip. So, one day, when she has hair, she can wear it as a hair clip, too. :) 

Valentine headband

Now, flash back a month and you can see my Valentine's Day inspired headband for my own bald baby. It is a fabric rolled rosette, some lace scraps gathered and glued behind, and a pearly heart button on top. 

Valentine headband

I have also been making a lot of felt rose trios. There are so many cute color combinations you can make with these. 

Pink Rose Trio Headband

Felt Roses Headband

I also made one as a bigger hair clip for my 2yo, but she didn't want to wear it until I made the shamrock hair clip for somebody else.

I really like these cute little headbands and hair clips. Good thing I know lots of little girls to make them for! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Easter Basket Time!!!

It is that time of year again! I tried to stock up on Easter baskets early, but the ones that are selling are not the same sizes/colors that I have premade. Figures.

I came out with some new color options this year...

I tried some new things with a liner I just finished. LOVE this!

I even took some new pics of old basket designs just to make the whole shop a little more "Springlike."

I am getting orders for older designs and custom sizes, too.

So, that is what is keeping me busy right now. I have made some other small things that I hope to feature soon, and I want to do a little roundup of Easter gift ideas. There is still one last page of Grace's Quiet Book to show you, too.

Happy Pi Day!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grace's Quiet Book- Button Flower Page

Grace's Quiet Book Button Flowers

OK. So the button flower page idea is pretty common. I have seen many examples on Pinterest so I am not gonna' cite just one. I did change it up just a bit for mine, though. Look closely...

fabric button flowers quiet book page

fabric button flowers quiet book page

See? The flowers are reversible! All I did was fuse two scraps of fabric together (some of them are truly vintage fabrics!) Then, I traced a flower and sewed along the line I traced. Very carefully, I trimmed about 1/8" away from the seam all around the flower shape. A quick buttonhole in the center and - TADA! - reversible flowers.

fabric button flowers quiet book page

The stems are just green ric-rac and the leaves are made of felt. I used a contrasting fabric for the bottom to represent grass. I stitched some bright yellow buttons at the top of the "stems" to hold the flowers. Now I wish I would have used something a little more "vintage" or even plain white. This was one of the first pages I made, so I hadn't gotten carried away with the "shabby-chic-vintagey" look yet.

reversible fabric button flowers quiet book page

Grace hasn't quite mastered the whole button skill thing yet, but this is good practice. She can make patterns with the flowers and work on her colors, too. So, it is educational and cute. :)

I keep updating THIS page with links and pics of all of the quiet book pages in this little series so click HERE if you would like to see more.

If I get a moment or two, I will try to link up at these parties:

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